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Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Mastoie advocate is the Founding Partner and Chairman of AMAAS LAW FIRM and Corporate Counselor. Mr.Yaqoob completed his law studies and immediately joined the district bar association of Islamabad. Mr.Yaqoob initially started his practice in criminal law but gradually expanded his areas of practice to civil, corporate and international laws. Mr.Yaqoob interest in resolving problems through mutual consent and understanding of the litigating parties has brought him great success in civil, corporate as well as criminal law. Mr.Yaqoob’s relentless advocacy and promotion of alternate dispute resolution has earned him memberships of different international arbitration organizations

Including in February 2010, Mr. Yaqoob founded the AMAAS LAW FIRM for Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and Conciliation in order to promote and encourage alternate dispute resolution in Pakistan. Mr. Yaqoob, as an arbitrator and mediator, has resolved a number of cases relating to, Banking, Mortgage and Finance, Real Estate, White Collar Crimes, Service Matters, Matrimonial Disputes, Corporate and Business Disputes, Intellectual Property Disputes and many more. Mr. Yaqoob has also successfully pleaded the causes of the individuals, firms, institutions, corporations and organization before tribunals, district and High courts. Moreover Mr. Yaqoob has assisted several senior advocates in preparation and pleading of cases before the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan. Mr. Yaqoob is also an exceptional draftsman and a skilled negotiator. He has drafted several legal documents including, but not limited to, partnership deeds, agreements, contracts, arbitration awards etc. Mr. Yaqoob has also successfully negotiated business propositions with different national and international firms and corporations on behalf of his clients. Mr. Yaqoob law firm is the first law firm of Pakistan which provides assistance and counsel to its clients in not just matters related to the law but also on variety of other subjects which includes, but are not limited to, Corporate and Tax Consultancy, Wealth, Investment, Assets and Business Management, Real Estate, Immigration and Visa Consultancy etc. Mr. Yaqoob has entered in to several joint venture agreements with Individuals, firms and corporations in order to expand the work sphere of his law firm.

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Our clients acknowledge and recognize AMAAS Law Firm for the professionalism and commercial perspective that we bring to transactions, our strong commercial acumen, our ability to manage transactions in an efficient and cost effective manner and our ability to address and resolve demanding transaction and legal issues. AMAAS Law Firm strong commitment to providing superior client services is reflected in the way we selectively and efficiently staff our assignments. At the core of this client focused staffing is the belief in cultivating project teams that possess the requisite skills and sector specific experience.


The strategic decision on analysis, must lead to competitive advantage & value creation for the organization to overcome the problems.


Document review (also known as doc review) is the process whereby each party to a case sorts through and analyzes the documents and data they possess.


These lawyers battle for the vulnerable and feel a responsibility to give it their all. Just as the guardian who looks out for the children playing in the fields.